Monday, February 21, 2011

Update on The Devil and Shelley Lubben

For those that did not hear. YouTube took down the second part of The Devil and Shelley Lubben after many of Shelley's supporters, allegedly, complained. Now I have watched The first two parts a couple times and I can say without a doubt that neither part one or part two actually broke YouTube's terms of service. I am actually disappointed at YouTube for yanking the video when I have seen way more controversial videos on the site.

If you went back to my earlier posting of the two videos you will see that another stream is available and is running on this blog as well as Lydia's ( and at the documentary's own website,

If you are interested, Lydia and Michael earlier posted an extended cut of part two. It is pretty much the same except for two short clips with adult screenwriter Raven Touchstone. You can view it at the above mentioned websites or below:

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