Friday, April 30, 2010

Erotic Haiku of the Day for April 30th 2010

One of my creative outlets in the last six months have been writing erotic haikus. Until now it has only been something that I have shared with friends through email or instant message. My plan is to write and post a new one everyday. The one below is one I wrote a few days ago but I like it so much that I decided to to make it the first erotic haiku of the day.


Hello everyone. I am Christina and I am the EIC of the adult news site On top of being the EIC of AIPdaily I am also a bartender, thus the name of the blog. I turned 24 this year and if you are all really nice maybe I'll tell you what the date was. I am also a bisexual and am living with my girlfriend Alison and our twins girls which were born in late January. Don't expect to see lots of pics of them though because that is something we don't want to share too much of at this time.