Monday, January 30, 2012

Pro-Choice Article Clarification

I wanted to clarify something on the article I wrote yesterday entitled Pro-Choice Does Not Equal Pro-Abortion. I received an email from a friend who was concerned about one of my points and I realize that I was not clear on one of my points that may have come off as highly insensitive.

In the article I wrote that I felt that women and men both need to take responsibility for their decision not to take precautions when having sex when they aren't prepared to have kids. While I do believe this, I want to clarify what I meant. When I say this, I don't mean an underage girl who gets pregnant after having unprotected sex, at least not initially. What I was referring to was people who have gotten pregnant at least once and decided to abort and then continue to engage in the same behavior. Someone who gets pregnant the first time may just be a bit naive about things, thinking that she can't get pregnant if she has sex a certain way or any other old wives tales about getting pregnant. If they keep going about things so nonchalantly though, then I do believe that they should go through with the pregnancy. At least in that way, both the man and woman, might learn something and be more careful in the future. Afterward they can give the baby up for adoption if the want, I certainly don't want anyone trying to raise a child that isn't prepared.

So, I am sorry if what I had initially said seemed cruel. I certainly didn't want it to come off that way, so I hope this article clears up my intent.

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